The Accent Range

  Black eyed Susie signature ring    Black eyed susie Macron pendant

A unique piece of jewellery to express your individual style

The Accent Range, the first capsule collection for Made of Mettle, is a bespoke range of edgy, urban and sophisticated jewellery for the fashion forward individual. The collection is hand-crafted from sterling silver and mixed materials in a wide range of bold colours

The Collection

Signature Accent Rings

The sleek, polished rings are carefully fitted together using an age-old cold-joining jewellery technique, and are available in five signature shapes, each with a distinct accentuated angle.

Tzere Accent Range

The Tzere Accent Range of box-shaped pendants, earrings and rings are the perfect companions to the Signature Accent Range, or deliver a delicate dash of colour on its own. The range is available in an extensive selection of single or twin-coloured items, carefully matched to the most popular trends of the season. You can also contact us for specific colour requirements.

Interpunct Accent Range for Men

A suave selection of men’s rings and cuff links. The rings and box-shaped cufflinks are available in matching single or twin-coloured items. You can also contact me for specific colour requirements for the cufflinks.

Macron Accent Range

These sleek designs reinterpret classic shapes in modern ways, to deliver earrings, pendants and rings that are timeless, yet mesmerising. Turn heads with this range of bar earrings and pendants, loop earrings, and single and double rings, available in highly polished neutral and seasonal colours.

STOCKISTS: Reads, Rosebank in Johannesburg | MeMeMe, Cape Town

ONLINE: Made of Mettle and Blackeyed Susan.