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Precious and semi precious gemstones can be set into silver, gold, platinum and palladium (See the post on the different metals here) in a number of ways.  Once the design has been decided on by the client, the metal work for the piece of jewellery is made and prepared by a Goldsmith and then handed over to a Master Setter, who is skilled in the craft of setting gemstones.

Below is a brief description, along with examples, of the more popular types of stone settings.

Made of Mettle - custom made for a private client

 Channel setting 

This exquisite 18ct Rose gold ring, made for one of our long-standing clients, was channel set with rubies and diamonds. A channel is cut out in the upper section of the metal, an undercut is made for the stone girdles* to slide into; the stones are placed into this channel, and the metal is pushed down to secure the stones in one smooth clean line, all the way along the channel without any metal between the stones. This results in a very clean look with a contemporary feel.



Made of Mettle - original design by Tracey Jane Lötter

 Pave setting 

This ring, originally designed for a private collection, was made in 18ct White gold and pave set with small, round black and white diamonds. This type of setting has a fine border running along the line of stones and each stone is set by tiny beads, which are engraved from the surrounding metal, these secure the stones in place. This creates a lot of shine, with a traditional look and feel.



Made of Mettle - custom made for a private client

 Tension setting 

Tension settings, like this uniquely designed 18ct Rose and Yellow gold ring set with a 1.2ct brilliant-cut diamond, rely on the natural spring in the work-hardened metal to keep the stone in place. The stone is set so it is suspended between metal on either side. Very modern, simple and innovative




Made of Mettle - custom made for a private client

 Tube setting

In this type of setting, as seen in this 9ct Rose gold ring with a .40ct brilliant cut diamond, the stone is placed in a metal casing which runs all or most of the way around the stone, the top of the metal is bent over to set the stone.




All of these settings can be incorporated in a number of ways into bespoke pieces of jewellery, depending on the look and style you want to achieve. Email me for more information


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